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MedResults Network Now Offers AMI PDO Threads and Training

Apollo Med and MRN announce a strategic partnership to offer MRN’s 3,300+ Members access and discounts to PDO thread trainings and AMI branded, PDO threads. ATLANTA, GA, USA, June 1, 2021 / — Apollo Med Innovations, Inc. and MedResults Network are proud to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership to offer MedResults […]

Staying Productive Through the Pandemic

Strategies to Keep You Busy During the Downtime As I draft this note from the confined comforts of my home, due to our state suggested “stay at home order,” I am reminded of all of the things that we at MedResults Network are working on that simply would not otherwise be accomplished in a “normal” […]

20 Tips for 2020

20 Tips to Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet! 2020 is Here.  Is your mission defined and strategy outlined so that on December 31st you can honestly look back proudly and say, “In 2020 we did our very best!”?  Make it your mission to build value in your practice every day to give prospects reasons […]

9 Ways to Boost Your Retail Sales

9 Ways to Boost Spa Retail Sales: Original Article Contributed by Universal Companies Consumers (especially millennials) are spending increasing amounts of time and money on wellness experiences, driving overall growth in the spa industry. Despite this, many aesthetic medical practices are missing an opportunity to translate this into increased retail sales.Practice owners are uniquely poised […]

Ransomware Hacks Expose HIPAA Vulnerabilities

Recent Ransomware Hacks of Two Dental Tech Companies Expose HIPAA Vulnerabilities (Protect Your Business with a Free Business Associate Agreement from CEDR). In August, two separate dental technology companies were hacked and their data was held for ransom. That data included PHI for the patients of more than 400 dentists across the US. Since the […]

3 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Team Happy

Tips to Look Out For! 3 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Team Happy Keeping your employees and coworkers happy is an essential component of a successful team as well as effective teamwork. In this article, we’ll examine some traits and habits to adopt that will help you keep your team motivated and productive.       1: Consistently […]

Quarterly State Legal Update from CEDR: New York

A Compliance Alert from CEDR HR Solutions, a MedResults Network Preferred Vendor Partner We are writing to inform you of some important state updates that have been made recently in New York. Below is an overview of the updates that have recently gone into effect in 2019. Feel free to share this information with your […]

It’s Time for a Spring Cleaning in Your Practice!

Here are simple reminders of THREE ways MRN Members can clean up shop this season! CLEAN UP YOUR COSTS: At MedResults, we know that it can be exceptionally time-consuming to review every expense that goes through your practice on a regular basis. However, spring is the perfect season to revisit your greatest expenses and get […]

How Do You Know Who To Hire?

Tips to Look Out For! Hiring new employees can be a mundane and even daunting task. From not knowing where to look, who to look for or having too many qualified applicants, it’s going to be a process one way or another. In this article we’re going to go through some quick tips to look out for […]

Monthly Overview of State Legal Updates from CEDR

Your Monthly Overview of State Updates A Compliance Alert from CEDR HR Solutions, a MedResults Network Preferred Vendor Partner Below is an overview of the states that have recently passed law changes. Please read carefully as you may be affected and will need to update your employee handbook depending on what state you’re in. The following […]

Staying Motivated in the Workplace

A Quick Guide on Staying Motivated Inside and Outside of the Workplace Staying motivated in the workplace can be difficult at times. Everyone has moments or even entire days where they feel like they cannot conjure up the motivation to get anything done. We’re people after all and we can get depleted both mentally and […]

10 Step Financial Checklist: How to Better Prepare Your Finances for 2019

10-Step Financial Checklist: How to Better Prepare Your Finances for 2019 December 5, 2018 With the end of the year approaching it can be a bit daunting to get your affairs in order for the new year. That’s why we’ve created a 10-step financial checklist on how to better prepare your finances for 2019. Get […]

MedResults Partners with Sientra® for BIOCORNEUM®

MedResults Network Announces Marketing Partnership with Sientra® for its Silicone Scar Treatment BIOCORNEUM® April 17, 2018 This week, MedResults Network is very pleased to announce a marketing partnership with Sientra, Inc., a medical aesthetics company. MedResults Network’s 3,100 members now have access to exclusive benefits with the physician’s choice for advanced scar treatment. BIOCORNEUM® is […]

12 Ways to Set Your New Hire Up for Success

What steps should you take before, during, and after your new hire’s first day at work? Here are our best tips for getting off to a running start. We originally created this list for the benefit of our members and as a component of our Hiring Guide— and as our own company grows, we’re constantly […]

5 Reasons to Love Your Membership in MedResults!

This Valentine’s Day week, we want to celebrate our love for YOU! As members, you are the lifeblood of our organization, and we know that many of you return that same love of your membership! For those that are still looking for reasons to love the network, we’ve listed a few of our top ones: […]

Beauty is No Longer Only Skin Deep

Virtual Health Partners Joins Forces with MedResults Network to Promote Aesthetic Wellness Access the original press release here. NEW YORK, Nov. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Looking good and feeling good are closely aligned, which is why Virtual Health Partners, Inc. (VHP), a virtual wellness and weight loss company, today announced a partnership with MedResults Network (MRN), […]

MRN Forms Exclusive Partnership With Strata Skin Sciences

STRATA Skin Sciences Announces Agreement with MedResults Network, a GPO Exclusive to the Aesthetic Medical Market Agreement will enhance sales efforts of Nordlys and Stratapen Horsham, PA, October 16, 2017 — (NASDAQ: SSKN) STRATA Skin Sciences, Inc. (“STRATA”) a medical technology company in Dermatology and Plastic Surgery dedicated to developing, commercializing and marketing innovative products […]

MedResults Partners with Small Business Lender, Kabbage

MedResults members can now easily apply for and access a Kabbage line of credit up to $150,000 to manage their businesses. This week, MedResults Network formed a new partnership with Kabbage, a nationwide leader in small business funding. Through the new relationship with Kabbage, our 3,000 aesthetic members now have a radically uncomplicated way to […]

5 SIMPLE Ways to Save Through Your Membership in MedResults

The world of GPOs is complex. The dirty little secret in the GPOWorld is that most providers don’t know what they are and those that do, generally don’t know how to use one to their advantage. We get asked weekly, “What is a GPO and how could it affect me?” Our answer is simple, “Group […]

Summer Skincare Switch Up

What Products Patients Should Keep, Add, Trade or Toss All informed beauty experts know that a season change means a skincare routine change for your patients. With summer just around the corner, we’re sharing our thoughts on which skincare products to instruct patients to keep in their routine, add to their routine, trade out for […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Join a Buying Group

It’s no secret that my wallet is slightly bulging at the seams from loyalty cards of the shops I frequently visit.  Between the café down the street to the frozen yogurt store by my home, one might say I’ve become a habitual ‘loyalty’ junkie in my local community.  Based on my own buying behavior and […]

Why Your Business is Like a Book and How to Make it a Best Seller

Every business has a STORY to tell. In many cases, businesses do a good job telling a portion of their STORY. This portion should not be called “telling”. It should be called “selling”. What I mean is that most businesses have dialed in their STORY about their products and services. They know the benefits and […]

3 Ways You’re Helping Your Competitors Get Ahead

“We can’t compete with the practice down street!” Ever heard or thought that phrase?  It’s something we’ve heard many times from our 2,800 aesthetic medical members.  Just like any other business, we’re all concerned about our competitors and new entrants to this space. There are many ways that aesthetic practices can easily differentiate themselves. Some […]

Vaginal Laxity. The Frequent Problem That’s Infrequently Addressed.

This past month we recently launched a partnership with the newest device to enter the women’s health space in the USA.  Although the efficacy of several women’s health devices is debatable at best, the most important aspect of these technologies lies in what manufacturers claim to treat vs. what they actually treat. We’ve done extensive […]

A Few “More” Good Trends

GREAT Points From “A Few Good Trends” Last week American Spa published an article entitled “A Few Good Trends”, written in the form of a list of ‘predictions’ from a reputable plastic surgeon. This article captured the attention of MedResults Network as we’ve been working to initiate and advance all four of these trends within […]

Game Changing Skincare Ingredients

Are Stem Cell Extracts the New AHA/BHA’s? Game changing products, ingredients and inventions don’t always catch on right away. Starbucks was founded in 1971, but didn’t take off until after 1983. Twitter started out as a site called Odeo. Ever heard of it? We didn’t think so. And so it is with skincare ingredients too. […]

Skin Care In Your 40’s and Beyond vs. Your 20’s

Should A Skincare Routine Be Changed With Age? “Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.” – Coco Chanel It goes without saying that as we age the way we approach life changes, sometimes drastically. And why would it be any […]

LendingUSA Announces Exclusive Partnership with MedResults Network

Leading Patient Financing Provider Now Available to Members of Largest Aesthetic Buying Group in the US. LendingUSA, a patient financing leader for cosmetic surgeons, aesthetic medical spas, and dermatologists, has announced an exclusive partnership with MedResults Network, the premier buying network for medical spas and aesthetic physicians in the US. The partnership with LendingUSA, which […]

5 Things That Make or Break a Brand

Although traditional medical providers don’t want to believe it, along with their medical practice, THEY themselves have a unique brand.  Perhaps this doesn’t apply to many of the savvy aesthetic medical providers in our industry who’ve already chosen to take advantage of that concept and build astounding brands and reputations based on specific treatments, ostentatious […]

Consumers Believe In Price Transparency. So Should You!

While some core specialists worry about losing patients to less expensive competitors, one expert sees price transparency as a benefit. By: Jonathan Kaplan, MD, MPH As physicians pursuing cosmetic patients, we’ve become more marketing director than healthcare provider in some instances. It feels like we’re in a hamster wheel of marketing; spending money in an […]

Elevate Your Email Marketing to Get Results

7 Tips to Get Your Emails Opened and Read Email marketing can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. By following a few simple guidelines, you can be communicating with your patients quickly and efficiently. Keep good marketing practices in mind when creating your emails. Here’s a list to help you get started: Subject […]

You Can’t Afford To Not Market Your Reputation

REPUTATION MARKETING VS. REPUTATION MANAGEMENT? All business owners need to ask themselves the following question, “On a scale from 1 to 10, what rating would your customers give your company?” If your answer is 8 – 10, then congratulations! But now you have to ask yourself, “Are you proactively marketing that experience and letting other […]

2017 #SkinGoals

Here’s What Beauty Consumers Want in 2017 Each year, beauty consumers evolve; and each year the beauty industry adjusts accordingly. MedResults Partner Stemology Skincare, makers of the first and only all-natural and intelligently organic anti-aging skincare line utilizing the power of stem cell technology, has dubbed these annual “trends” #SkinGoals. So, what are consumers’ saying […]

Digital Media Nation Announces Marketing Partnership to Benefit MedResults Network Members

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 23, 2016 – Peachtree Corners, GA Atlanta-based national agency Digital Media Nation will offer its suite of digital reputation marketing products and services to members of MedResults Network starting in 2017 under a two-year agreement, the two organizations announced today. Under the terms of their agreement, members of MedResults Network, the […]

Preparing for New Year, New You

10 Tips To Build Business in the New Year The rush for self-improvement at the New Year is a great time to grow your business. And with 47% of people say they want to focus on self-improvement in the New Year (Statistic Brain), this is the perfect time to educate clients that self-improvement resolutions are […]

3 New Ways to Use Gift Cards in Your Practice

Gift cards have a lot of power – they’ve proven to help businesses increase average spend and attract new customers.  Gift cards are a mainstay in Retail environments – but today even service driven businesses like Med Spas, plastic surgeons and physicians are utilizing gift cards in creative ways to help them advertise new products, […]

Is Wine Good or Bad For Your Skin?

Wine Not? Will a glass a day keep the dermatologist away? We all know that answer is no. But it could help prevent some free radical damage on your skin, when taken in moderation. With this being the season to say “cheers,” and with the benefits of wine – from lowering the risk of heart […]

How Will Salary Changes Affect Your Practice?

Although we have nearly 3,000 aesthetic medical members across the US, we occasionally get calls from California-based practices regarding medical-related issues, product and treatment legality, and labor laws.  Earlier this year, California’s Governor, Jerry Brown, signed Senate Bill 3, which increased California’s minimum wage annually, reaching $15 per hour for employers with at least 26 […]

Forget Turkey Neck; It’s All About Tech Neck

There were bound to be some repercussions for being “plugged in” 24 hours a day.  We already know that constant electronic stimulation can lead to depression and trouble concentrating. But, as you’ve probably seen by now in your own practice, there are physical repercussions as well for people who are glued to their phone 24/7. […]

Aesthetic Trends Utilizing Stem Cell Science

The Role of Stem Cells and Stem Cell Derivatives in Aesthetics The United States is currently spending nearly $1 billion a year on stem cell research, indicating an understanding of the life-changing potential stem cells have in the fields of medicine, aesthetics and beyond. In 2013 Dr. Norma Kassardjian stated “Research at the Mayo Clinic […]

5 Pitfalls To Avoid When Purchasing A Device!

Contributed by MedResults Network partner, Jay Shorr of The Best Medical Business Solutions I’ve seen it over and over again: I arrive onsite for a practice’s site visit evaluation and inevitably, there’s a once-loved device sitting in a closet.  Maybe the laser is alone, both unused and unloved, but often, it may have a friend […]

Top 3 Signs Your EHR is Hurting Your Patient Engagement

It’s no secret that most doctors are fed up with their current EHR. A recent survey1 by AmericanEHR found that physicians are more dissatisfied with their EHR than they were five years ago. Inefficient workflows, expensive hardware, poor customer support, and a hindrance to patient interaction are common reasons for doctors and staff to be […]

Aiding In The Skin’s Nighttime Renewal Process

Featured In the September 2016 Issue of Dermascope Magazine Recently Dermascope Magazine asked Stemology’s Founder and Chief Technical Officer to write an article explaining the process of the body and skin’s nighttime renewal cycle. This article was originally printed in the September 2016 issue of Dermascope and online at Sleep is a rejuvenating time […]

Layering Serum Products

Are More Products Really More Effective? An Interview with Dr. Hal Simeroth, Founder and Chief Technical Officer for Stemology Skincare As we know, not all products are created equal. Some products can be used in combination while others can give users a bad reaction when combined. With skincare products becoming increasingly more effective and potent, […]

A New (Virtual) Front Door for Your Practice

Online Reputation Management: Attract new patients and position your practice for success In today’s complex economy, your patients work, shop, socialize, and connect digitally— living online as much as they do in the “real world.” But amid all the transformation, one thing hasn’t changed: the importance of first impressions. To attract new patients, you must […]

Stemology Becomes Official Partner of MedResults Network (MRN) After Successful Test Period

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LOS ANGELES, CA – MedResults Network (MRN) announces official partnership with Stemology, the world’s first and only anti-aging skincare brand dedicated to providing all-natural, intelligently organic formulations through the emerging science of adult and plan stem cell technologies. The largest national buying group for aesthetic providers is officially launching the Stemology brand […]

Skincare Solutions For Fall Weather Changes

Fall Into Beautiful Skin As the season changes, so does the skin, and therefore an updated skincare routine should be introduced. As summer turns to Fall, your clients will be enlisting your help in returning skin to its most even and brightest best!  So, let’s take a look at the most common skin changes and […]

Beauty Trend: Multitasking Products

We Live in a 25/7 World That’s not a typo. Living 24/7 is so last year. Consumers are now living in a twenty-five / seven world, striving to navigate a fast-paced life while achieving more in less time. The 25/7 movement, coined by WGSN trend forecasting, is about consumers trying to reclaim an extra hour […]

A New Partner for a New Era in Patient Engagement

MedResults Network Partners with Symplast MedResults Network is excited to announce our new partnership with Symplast, a revolutionary new practice management and patient engagement platform that is fully functional on any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Founded by a group of plastic surgeons in 2013, Symplast is the first cloud-based, 100% mobile software that optimizes […]

Can Wearing Sunglasses Help Prevent Crow’s Feet?

Causes And Solutions For Eye Area Wrinkles Crow’s feet are the branching wrinkles on the outer corner of a person’s eye, which can abstractly resemble a bird’s footprint. Crow’s feet become more visible than other wrinkles because the skin around the eyes is much thinner. This thinner skin does not have the same structure as […]

Top Ingredients for Fighting Hyperpigmentation

Ingredients To Help Achieve a More Even Skin Tone The essence of younger looking skin is radiance. It’s that rosy glow that children have naturally. And the older you get, the less radiant your skin becomes. You see, attaining a brighter complexion isn’t easy. The process requires two specific steps: exfoliation to remove discoloration and […]

MedResults Network Collaborates with Cardinal Health.

You Spoke…and We Listened! Aggregated Med/Surg Pricing for On-site Operating Rooms is Now Here! On Behalf of its 700 Plastic Surgery Members, MedResults Network Collaborates with Cardinal Health. MedResults Network now offers its plastic surgery members with accredited operating rooms aggregated ASC pricing on med/surg supplies at the lowest pricing level in the ASC market. […]

5 Tips to Selling Skincare

Your Guide To Selling Skincare! Late last month we were delighted to announce our newest partnership with PCA Skincare! In light of our recent launch, we thought it appropriate to review some important features of creating a successful retail plan when selling skincare in your aesthetic practice. When we do our annual survey of over […]

Work Like a Dog Day

5 Tips to Reduce the Work of an Aesthetic Provider! In honor of national “Work Like a Dog Day” (yes, that’s a thing) we decided it would be helpful to outline five simple ways to make your day easier so that you DON’T HAVE TO work like a dog (although we love to honor our […]

The Facts On Sunscreen Safety

Not All Sunscreens Are Created Equal As a professional in the aesthetics community, you already that not all sunscreens are created equal. In fact, some can be downright harmful to your skin and health. With summer in full swing, we’re sizing up sunscreens and taking a look at what should and should not be in […]

MedResults Network And PCA Skin Form National Partnership

MedResults Members Now Have Access To An Exclusive Loyalty/Rebate Program Through PCA Skin July 26, 2016 Today MedResults Network, the nation’s largest buying network for aesthetic medical providers and medical spas, announced their new national partnership with PCA SKIN®, the originator of advanced blended chemical peels.  For over 25 years PCA SKIN® has been a […]

SBA Loan Group, a Leading SBA Loan Packager, Announces Affiliation with Largest Aesthetic Buying Network, MedResults Network

PRESS RELEASE JULY 21, 2016 SBA Loan Group, a leading SBA loan packager, announces today their affiliation with the MedResults Network, the nation’s largest buying network for aesthetic medicine providers and medical spas. The purpose of this affiliation is to assist MedResults Network’s 2,500 members in obtaining low cost (currently 6.25% or less) and long-term […]

Help Your Clients Stop Summer Sunburn

Smarter Choices This Summer for Healthier Skin  You’ve seen it time and time again in you spa or medical practice. For many clients, summer sun can lead to summer sunburn. And while wearing a broad-spectrum SPF is a no-brainer to help prevent sun damage; healthy skin this summer (and all year round) is not just […]

Stacked Protocols

A Cumulative Treatment Approach Peanut butter is better with jelly. The taste of Italian food is enhanced by wine. Music sounds better when played through good speakers. You get it. One thing is good, but when you pair it with a complimentary item it becomes great. Such is the way in esthetics with stacked protocols. […]

Augmented Reality Plastic Surgery Company, ILLUSIO Imaging, Joins Top Aesthetic Purchasing Network, MedResults Network

PRESS RELEASE JUN 14, 2016 12:35 PDT ILLUSIO combines the latest in 3D augmented reality technology with real-time morphing animation, providing an imaging platform for plastic surgeons and their patients to visually communicate.  ILLUSIO is now part of MedResults Network’s portfolio of Vendor Partners specifically providing unique and innovating technology for its 700 plastic surgery […]

Summer Vacation Travel Essentials

Ensure a Quick Trip Through the TSA CheckPoint As aesthetic and beauty professionals, traveling with tons of beauty products is a given. Chances are you can’t leave home without at least your favorite cleanser, toner, treatment product (or three), eye serum, scrub, day moisturizer, night moisturizer, maybe a mask, hand lotion, body lotion and lip […]

Spring Clean Your Skin

Spring Renewal, Skin Renewal  Contributed By: Lori Jacobus, Chief Marketing Officer for Stemology Skincare We spring clean our house. We spring clean our wardrobe. We spring clean our diet. So, why not spring clean our skin? Spring is all about purging the things that no longer serve us and incorporating new products, techniques and habits […]

A Closer Look At Botanical Ingredients in Skincare

Stemology’s Satisfied Clients Contributed By: Dr. Hal Simeroth April Showers Bring May Flowers Nature surprises us in many ways. One of the most beautiful and impressive, is the many, many healing properties it contains. So, as April showers are now blooming into May flowers, it seemed an ideal time to take a closer look at […]

Skincare With Proven Results, On and Off The Skin

Stemology’s Satisfied Clients Contributed By: Lori Jacobus, CMO of Stemology Skincare There are a million different skincare brands out there, with a million different claims about reducing wrinkles, eliminating acne or bringing back a youthful glow. But as we all know, the proof really lies in the results. And, with Stemology Skincare, you can be […]

Here Comes The Sun

Do You Know Sunscreen Fact from Fiction? Contributed By: Dr. Hal Simeroth We all know that excessive sun exposure can be bad for our skin and our health. But, there are many myths surrounding sunscreen and sun exposure that continue to linger. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, each year more than 3.5 million cases […]

The 12 Types of Facial Aging

Breaking Down How and Where the Face Ages Written By: Dr. Hal Simeroth, Chief Technical Officer, Stemology Skincare Did you know that there are 12 types of facial aging?! Yes…we said twelve! Many skincare lines classify “anti-aging” as one, two or maybe three specific aging types. Maybe it’s wrinkles from your genetic makeup? Maybe it’s […]

Hero or Hype?

Exploring Stem Cell Technology in Skincare There has been a lot of talk in the last few years about stem cells in skincare. So, is it just a lot of hype or is stem cell skincare the next hero in the search for ageless beauty? Let’s investigate. What Are Stem Cells? Stem cells are single […]

The Collagen Killers

Keep Skin Firm By Avoiding These Collagen Killers Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and is the substance that holds the whole body together. Providing the supporting structure underneath the epidermis that keeps the skin firm and tight, collagen is responsible for the smooth, youthful skin appearance free of wrinkles and […]

The Skincare Revolution Is Now

Stemology 101 Introducing Stemology Skincare, the world’s first and only all natural, intelligently organic skincare line backed by clinically proven stem cell science. Bringing together both human and plant stem cell technologies – incorporating the superior features of each – along with a stem cell communicator that greatly enhances intercellular communication to maximize the benefit of stem […]

Stem Cell Technology: Scary or a Revolutionary?

A Skincare Revolution is Coming to MedResults Network! There is a lot of information – and misinformation – out there about stem cells in science, health and skincare. Much of it can make stem cells sound pretty scary. But truthfully there’s nothing scary about it. If anything, it’s revolutionary! To understand why stem cell research […]

Do Skin Care Products Containing Stem Cells Actually Make You Look Younger?

Women’s Health Magazine Asks, Dr. Hal Simeroth of Stemology Answers Excerpted from Women’s Health, December 9, 2015. As skin-care brands continue to make crazy-scientific advancements, stem-cell products are popping up more and more in dermatology offices and on makeup counters everywhere. So what’s all the hype about? Your skin is already packed with stem cells. […]

Patients Without Patience

I recently read a very brief, but profound article on what would happen if patients billed physicians for the time they spent WAITING at the doctor’s office. While this initially sounded absurd, the statistics about how long the average patient waits for treatment, not to mention the time they spend traveling, truly shocked me. While […]

From Personal Experience: How to Do It Right!

Just before Thanksgiving last year, I decided it was that time again when I should go in for my regular injectable treatment. I called my local medical spa, conveniently located nearby, and asked to schedule an appointment. I was delighted to know that I could come in as early as THAT DAY. Consequently, I booked […]

2017 Beauty Trends

Celebrity Makeup Artist Natalie Rose Gives Stemology Her Forecast MRN partner Stemology Skincare works with numerous celebrity makeup artists who strive to help their famous clientele attain the beautiful, healthy skin that’s critical to their trade. So what beauty trends will we see in 2017? Always at the forefront of innovation, Stemology turned to professional […]

5 Steps to Produce a Positive ROI from a New Product or Service!

This past month we formed several new exciting partnerships which we’ll be launching in 2016. During all of my conversations about how to launch or introduce these technologies, products and services to our members, we’ve been confronted with the question of “How do we make our members more successful in SELLING or using these products?” […]

Turning The Page To Non-Surgical Procedures

This past decade we have seen a major rise in demand for non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques. While many physicians and aesthetic medical practices have embraced the change, others have questioned, ‘why the sudden change in popularity for non-surgical vs surgical procedures’? Based on feedback from some of our surgeon members, we’ve discovered the following trends: […]

Plan Your Event With Purpose

Six Steps to Success! Planning an event for your aesthetic practice can be overwhelming. Besides developing a program for the event, coordinating speakers or demonstrations, and providing food, & beverages, you have to consider your overall budget and set measurable goals that will help you maximize your ROI. We’ve outlined the most important key points […]

6 Tips To Cut Every Day Costs

While we spend the majority of our time at MedResults Network working to save our members money on the products and services they use daily, it’s sometimes easy to forget that we too, are a business that benefits greatly from cost-savings! As small business owners, we’re always looking for ways to save money on day-to-day […]

6 Telephone Tips To Convert Prospective Patients

Imagine this. You’re sitting at the front desk of your aesthetic medical practice and the phone rings. Like you’ve done a thousand times, you pick up the phone and state your name and the name of the practice. The person on the other end of the line asks you a series of questions about coming […]

Branding Your Website: Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes!

On a daily basis we receive numerous membership applications from aesthetic medical practices and medical spas who are applying to join the network. When we receive these applications, I personally visit each aesthetic practice’s website to verify that the information on the application matches the contact information posted on their website. Below I have included […]

The Aesthetic Practice’s Guide to Hiring Right

Simplify the Hiring Process with These 5 tips: On a weekly basis I receive calls from members who are looking for a new Office Manager, Medical Director, or staff member to fill a vacancy in their aesthetic medical practice. Sometimes the hiring process is simplified by the fact that an existing employee can refer an […]

MedResults Network Summer 2015 Update!

SUMMER BRINGS NEW BENEFITS, EVENTS, AND EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES! This summer has been filled with tons of vendor additions, updates, and education at MedResults Network. Earlier this year we formed relationships with several new vendors partners and added new benefits and products to our existing portfolio. In addition, we held nearly half a dozen FREE educational […]

5 Ways to Keep Patients Coming Back

Based on statistics, we know that 80% of your revenue is more than likely to come from 20% of your patients. We also know that a meager 5% increase in customer retention can increase your profitability by 75%! With that said, maintaining your loyal customer-base can sometimes be a major challenge in our highly competitive […]

6 Steps to Smash this Year’s Goals

Every New Year it seems that we’re pre-programmed to expect that the coming year will be better than the last. Much of that is based around the renewed sense that we can start fresh with new ideas, exciting new plans, and revised goals. In business and in our daily lives we strive to set measurable […]

SMART Guidelines for a Good Compensation Plan

One of the most important things to consider when adding new staff to your practice is how to attract and retain good employees. A defined compensation plan is where you should start!

Human Resources: Are you classifying your employees correctly?

There are a number of ‘employee classifications’ as summarized below. Bear in mind that we often refer erroneously to 1099’s or independent contractors as employees or a class of employees which they are not! As their name suggests – they are independent contractors not employees and this distinction is critically important to you.

MedResults Pairs with Marketing and Patient Communication Leader!

MedResults Network is proud to announce their new partnership with the leader in marketing and patient communication, Demandforce!

Word of Mouth Marketing

We’ve all been consumed by all of the new digital mediums our society has to offer these days. What happened to the “good old days” where you shared your experiences over a cup of coffee with a friend!?

Let’s take a step back and return to the number one way to share your information: WOM.

That’s right; Word-of-mouth-marketing.

Have you considered an exit strategy? Are you looking to expand?

MedResults now works with two new vendors that can help you grow your business through major financing or business acquisitions and/or divest through the sale of your practice.

Mystery Shops Tell All: Top 5 Mistakes at Your Front Desk

Since we launched our premier educational and social platform, MedResults Network PLUS, we’ve received tons of requests to perform “Mystery Shops” for our members. As one of the free services we offer to new members, our staff has devoted hours to anonymously calling members and speaking to their front desk employees. The number one comment […]

Keep Your Patients Coming Back for More

Expand Your Practice with a Smile! You don’t have to be a dentist to give your patients the perfect smile! MedResults Network recently introduced their newest partner, Liquid Smile: the leader in professional teeth whitening pens! Liquid Smile was developed by dentists and is sold only by dental and medical professionals to ensure that patients […]

Teach Your Patients in the Way they Learn Best: Visually!

Sixty-five percent of people are visual learners. Are you visually communicating with the majority of your potential customers?

MedResults Partners with Serotonin-Plus: Medically-Supervised Weight Loss!

MedResults Network is proud to introduce our newest partner, Dr. Robert Posner and Serotonin-Plus, the best medically-supervised weight loss program in the country: Behavioral modification with a medical “jump-start”.

MedSpa Conference 2014 Invitation

Read about our upcoming MedSpa Conference in Las Vegas from September 26th-28th!

Learn To Show Appreciation for Your Employees

A few kind words go a long way. I recently stumbled on the article, “Show Your Employees Some Love: Why it Pays to Praise”, by Justin Bariso. It reminded me of the importance to make others, especially your employees, feel appreciated. I guarantee your job is easier because of your employees! Do they know you […]


MedResults Network brings its newest program, MedResults PLUS to the aesthetic market FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – May 12, 2014- Huntington Beach, CA. Nationally recognized aesthetic-buying organization, MedResults Network, a comprehensive purchasing system of brand name products and supplies for aesthetic physicians and professionals nationwide has now launched MedResults Network PLUS. “MedResults Network is a method […]

Compounding Laws Have Changed

Read below to find out whether you’re compliant and how to earn additional rebates from MedResults Network.

Tips to Boost the Success of your Marketing Campaigns!

Did you know that there are more than 3.2 billion email accounts worldwide and that 95% of consumers are using email?  If you’re not part of that 95%, you need to rethink your marketing strategy!  In every industry across the board, marketers are finding that more of their consumers can be targeted directly through emails.  […]

Save More with EVO, MedResults Network’s Exclusive Credit Card Processing Program!

This is the first program of its kind to offer not just up-front savings, but rebates on credit card processing! MedResults Network is delighted to announce that after months of negotiations, it is the first association of its kind to convince a credit card processor to issue a rebate to their members. In teaming with EVO […]

Speaker Spotlight MedSpa Conference 2014: Neil Sadick, MD, FAAD, FAACS, FACP, FACPh

Dr. Sadick holds four board certifications in internal medicine, dermatology, cosmetic surgery, hair restoration surgery and is a Diplomat of the American Board of Phlebology. Dr. Sadick is one of the world’s most respected dermatologists and the medical director and owner of Sadick Dermatology. Dr. Sadick is also the director of the Sadick Research Group, which runs multiple FDA clinical trials each year.

MedResults Network Holds 2nd Annual MedSpa Conference!

If you missed out last year, check out the MedSpa Conference 2013 reviews on!  Due to our 100% satisfaction rate from last year’s amazing event, we’ve brought back the MedSpa Conference to none other than the liveliest city on earth, Las Vegas, NV! The MedSpa Conference 2014 will be held at The Wynn Hotel […]

Speaker Spotlight

E. Victor Ross, M.D. attended Mississippi State University where he graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in physics. He obtained his medical degree from the Tulane University School of Medicine where he was a junior year inductee into Alpha Omega Alpha.

12 Best Practices to Make Your Practice…The Best!

We recently reviewed a book by John Tredwell, an aesthetic professional and author. The book’s title is “The Aesthetic Market – More Than meets the Eye”. The author outlines how to build a ‘concierge’ aesthetic practice. Following are a few tips from the book that you may not have considered or put into practice. The […]

Speaker Spotlight: MedSpa Conference 2014!

Padraic “Paddy” Deighan is a health care attorney, consultant, speaker and PhD in Quantum Analysis …

Simple Ideas to Boost Your Referrals

Referrals are the best compliment you can receive.  What can you do better to receive referrals from your current clientele? IT’S SIMPLE.  Create an experience to “talk about” from the moment your patient walks through the door. The first touch point in every practice or medical spa is the front desk—EVERY patient should be greeted. […]

10 Steps to Better Time Management

Tick tock…tick tock… the clock is ticking and time is flying by! Are you confident you’re using your time effectively for your day-to-day tasks?

Building Patient Loyalty in 5 Simple Steps

Do you ever wonder why women tend to go to the same hair dresser year after year?  I’m sure it’s not because they love the expensive bill or the fact they have to “cover up” those annoying roots every month.  It’s because their stylists have figured out how to give them exactly what they want […]

Your Online Reputation—How much is it worth?

As Digital Assent continues to explore the importance of online reviews for physicians, they gathered some new data to help answer the question, “How much does your online reputation impact your practice revenues?” First, let’s revisit some of the more interesting statistics from Digital Assent’s 2013 Online Patient Reviews Survey entitled, “What do patients think […]

Are You in the Business of Beauty? Register Today for this Exclusive Event!

The Business of Beauty Event provides aesthetic professionals and members from the Illinois Medical Spa Association a unique setting to have live face to face interaction with your peers. We all live busy lives but attending a conference gives you educational opportunities to expose you to new points of view, new ideas and trends and best practices that can impact your future results.

Congratulations to Radiesse®- Voted the Best Filler!

We would like to congratulate our vendor partner Merz Aesthetics on receiving the Anti-Aging and Beauty Trophy for their filler Radiesse® on behalf of the Anti-Aging Medicine European Congress. It is an honor to be associated with Merz Aesthetics. Their products and customer service exceed our expectations as a partner. We’re also proud to say […]

Setting the Right Expectation: Breast Augmentation Myths

This past week we read a short, but interesting article about some common misconceptions associated with the popular procedure, breast augmentation.  If you’re a plastic surgeon, you’re probably very familiar with these types of queries! It’s pretty important that each prospective patient has the right expectations prior to a procedure—this goes for every aesthetic practice!  […]

Plastic surgery doesn’t discriminate

Every day we read articles featuring the ‘latest and greatest’ in the aesthetic industry. One of the most intriguing trends we’ve followed is the growth of cosmetic procedures in men. Twenty years ago, the idea of male “aesthetic” patients was limited to hair transplants and the occasional facial. I personally remember seeing my father on […]

Important Announcement

Green Valley Medical (Compounding Pharmacy) has closed. We realize that many of you have tried to order from our loyal compounding pharmacy, Green Valley, over the past week.  We are sad to announce that as of last week, they closed their doors. We are currently in the midst of finalizing an arrangement with another high-quality […]

1099 or W2 – Knowing the differences

Do your workers fall within the guidelines of an Independent Contractor or an Employee – Read below to see if you’re doing the right thing when it comes to hiring personnel

Increase your efficiency and earn happy patients with Cryoprobe™ technology!

January 1, 2014- With the turning of the New Year comes NEW discounts, rebates, and benefits for our members. Cryoprobe™, MedResults Network’s newest vendor partner, leads the nation in unparalleled cryotherapy and now offers benefits to members through MedResults membership! The FDA-cleared, CryoProbe™ is an innovative, efficient and portable cryosurgical device which treats benign skin […]

Transform your reception area with Mediplay!

MedResults Network welcomes Mediplay! Transform your reception area into a powerful patient education and marketing tool with Mediplay.

MedResults Partners with iGrow!

MedResults is proud to announce its newest partnership with aesthetic Light-Based Therapy company, Apira Science Inc., the creators of the newest hair growth system, the iGrow.

MedResults Newsletter Issue 6

Check out the updated MedResults Network Newsletter! Topics include: Selecting the proper employee for your practice, MedResults savings opportunities, and a recap for the recent MedSpa Conference in September.

Setting the Standard in Compliance: HIPAA Exams & Interstate Healthcare

HIPAA & Interstate Healthcare: MedResults is delighted to announce that through two of our newest vendors, we now offer excellent options for protecting your employees and your assets through HIPAA training and medical insurance.

Introducing LightStim to MedResults Network!

LightStim: You may have seen it on Good Morning America or in an issue of InStyle Magazine as this hand-held home treatment device is flying off the shelves of medical spas & high-end department stores! LightStim uses LED light therapy to deliver energy as UV-free, beneficial light rays that energize cells and stimulate the body’s […]

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