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PDO Threads

MedResults Network Now Offers AMI PDO Threads and Training

Apollo Med and MRN announce a strategic partnership to offer MRN’s 3,300+ Members access and discounts to PDO thread trainings and AMI branded, PDO threads.

ATLANTA, GA, USA, June 1, 2021 / — Apollo Med Innovations, Inc. and MedResults Network are proud to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership to offer MedResults Network’s 3,300+ Members access and discounts to specified Apollo Med PDO thread trainings and the full line of AMI branded, FDA-cleared PDO threads.

Apollo Med Innovations has developed a PDO thread training curriculum directed by industry leading PDO thread training physicians and providing unparalleled hands-on experience. Hundreds of the countries’ leading PDO thread practitioners have completed the course and are successfully offering Apollo’s extensive line of PDO threads to their patients with unmatched results. And now MedResults Network is offering this same effective and proven training curriculum to its Members at discounts available only to its Members. During the training, attendees will learn and perform hands-on procedures for all areas of the face, neck, brows and lips and also certain body threading procedures. In addition, trainees will learn about combination treatments with AMI PDO threads and the most popular neurotoxins and fillers.

AMI PDO threads were the industries’ first FDA-cleared non-anchored barb threads. AMI also offers its customers the widest selection of PDO threads to ensure that their clients have the best thread for each procedure. With the demand for non-surgical aesthetic procedures at an all-time high, adding PDO threads to any practice provides unmatched value for both patients and the practice.

We have chosen to partner with Apollo Med Innovations, their combination of world-class hands-on training together with an extensive line of FDA-cleared PDO threads lead us to this partnership”

— Jeff Routledge, President and CEO

“MedResults Network evaluates each product carefully before offering anything to its valuable membership network” said Jeff Routledge, President and CEO, Med Results Network. “For the past several years, we have been evaluating the PDO thread market carefully to choose the right PDO thread partner and training curriculum that we felt comfortable would bring the most value and efficacy to our members. After thorough investigation, we have chosen to partner with Apollo Med Innovations, their combination of world-class hands-on training together with an extensive line of FDA-cleared PDO threads lead us to this partnership.”

“We have long admired the dedication and leadership to the medical aesthetic industry exhibited by MedResults Network” said Randy Wright, Chairman and CEO, Apollo Med Innovations, “By offering AMI’s valuable PDO thread training curriculum and our extensive line of PDO threads to the MedResults membership base, these Members will be able to offer patients the industries’ best PDO threads with the training and backing of AMI to obtain outstanding outcomes. The demand for non-surgical, limited downtime procedures has never been higher and we are pleased to be offering this option to MedResults Members.”

The first two MedResults Network sponsored trainings will be held in Atlanta, GA on June 25 and 26 and in Los Angeles, CA on July 10 and 11. Both trainings will be limited to the first 10 practitioners to sign up as the classes are all conducted with a training ratio of no more than five trainees for each physician trainer to insure a world-class training experience. Each attendee will also receive the one a kind PDO thread video book for their office as well as a PDO thread toolkit, procedural thumb drives and insertion diagrams only available to Apollo Med trainees.

For members register for these courses, please access this link or call Jamie Parrott at 562-673-1513 to get started.

Read the original press release HERE
Jamie (Parrott) Adkins, Vice President & COO of MedResults, LLC
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Staying Productive Through the Pandemic

Strategies to Keep You Busy During the Downtime

As I draft this note from the confined comforts of my home, due to our state suggested “stay at home order,” I am reminded of all of the things that we at MedResults Network are working on that simply would not otherwise be accomplished in a “normal” course of business. Now is the time to shore up your business and complete those things that you never had time to focus on because of a busy clinic. This week, which we are finding is long overdue, we are reviewing vendor partner contracts, starting to clean and update our databases as well as go through our digital marketing programs that appear to be somewhat outdated. If your facility is closed and you have staff “working” from home, you have an opportunity to remain very productive! Here are some points outlining what we might advise practices to focus on during their “down-time”:
Patient Communication:
  • How will you communicate with patients while you’re closed?
  • Find ways to stay “front-of-mind” so that patients will return to your business once you re-open (Example: Routine texts about products/services/appointments or even a weekly newsletter discussing at-home aesthetic routines or ways to make your treatments last).
  • Virtual consults—Is telemedicine an option for your practice? If so, set up virtual consults and/or appointments (perhaps for strictly aesthetic practices, this means creating a line for communicating about skin issues or skincare regimens).
Analyzing Your Cost Structure – NOW more than ever we all need to be optimized:
  • Medical surgical supplies: Go to your distributor portal and download a 12-month usage report. Send us your usage report for analysis so you understand what you spent last year and where you could reduce costs.
  • Merchant processing: Get your last two months of statements from 2019. Send us your statements for analysis so you understand whether you’re paying any hidden fees and how to get rid of them to reduce costs.
  • Professional liability insurance: Get your policy and declarations together. Send us your policy and declarations for review so you understand your exposure and whether you’re fully covered for the services you provide.
  • Finally, get an understanding of the loyalty programs you participate in so you can understand how/where you can maximize your savings through those programs.
  • Review your office lease(s)
  • Look at your staffing model to determine optimization


Setting Up New Processes:

  • Front desk/check in protocols (this may change drastically in terms of hygiene)
  • Front desk phone communication
  • Front desk to consult hand-off
  • Consult to treatment hand-off (are there opportunities to upsell at the front desk and convert at the time of treatment?)
  • Are your manuals up-to-date and does your staff understand your policies!? Visit CEDR HR Solutions for up-to-date information on state-specific and legal regulations that you may need to know!

Training and Education!

  • Now is the time to provide online training through ZOOM and/or affiliates to staff!  Brush up on P&Ps, consult to conversion, sales, etc.
  • Access clinical, business, and financial training wherever you can get it—fill your days with knowledge
  • Create an account to access unlimited free trainings from last years GVAS 2019 event!
  • Access free webinars from our own MedResults webinar archives

Business Analysis:

  • Product/service mix: What products or services produce the best ROI?
  • What products or services are in the highest demand at your practice?
  • Who’s your target demographic and are you serving them (or even communicating with them)?

Plans for Re-Opening:

  • Will you be ready to open your doors in May? June?
  • Rehiring plan
  • Inventory plan
  • Communication plan
  • Budget!
These are only a few ideas that made our “short list”, but there are hundreds of other ways that you can continue to remain productive and improve your business in the process. If you’re doing anything unique in your business, whether you remain open or you’re working from home, please share your story and we’ll share it with our other members!
Jeff Routledge, President & CEO of MedResults, LLC
Jamie (Parrott) Adkins, Vice President & COO of MedResults, LLC
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Why Your Business is Like a Book and How to Make it a Best Seller

Every business has a STORY to tell.

In many cases, businesses do a good job telling a portion of their STORY. This portion should not be called “telling”. It should be called “selling”. What I mean is that most businesses have dialed in their STORY about their products and services. They know the benefits and attributes of these products and they know how to sell them. They also know how to tell their STORY about their company, including history, ownership, etc. Unfortunately, this portion of the STORY is the same as all of your competitors. Its just a matter of who can tell the “same old” STORY better.

Your business has a better STORY to write. This portion of the STORY focuses on the client experience that you provide. Does it really matter what you have to say about your business in your marketing? Does anyone go out and market and say “We are terrible, please come buy from us?” Of course not. All businesses market, as they should, that they are the best place to purchase their products and services. In today’s world this is simply NOT ENOUGH.

What really matters is what your customers, clients, patients are saying about you and the experience they had with your business. This STORY can be written in many ways using numerous Reputation Marketing tactics. You must get honest feedback from your customers, and in the end, this is the REAL STORY that you need to write about your business.

Think of this STORY that you have now developed in terms of a BOOK. It is a BOOK that tells what others are saying about your business. This BOOK is now the best marketing tool that you have. This BOOK tells those that read it why others do business with you. There is no better book that can be written!


I have never heard of a great BOOK that tells a great STORY that became a BEST SELLER unless it was actually published to the reading community. Have you? Just writing your reputation story by gathering reviews and feedback should indeed give you a great STORY. The real question is what are you going to do with it?

How are you going to publish that BOOK and MARKET that BOOK so that your BOOK can become a best seller? You must have a Reputation MARKETING process in place. 91% of consumers are looking online today before making a purchasing decision. 84% of consumers trust online reputation as much as personal referrals. These potential new consumers want to read your BOOK. You want them to read you BOOK! How are they going to find your BOOK? How are you going to publish your BOOK?

This is why your business is like a BOOK and why you must make it a BEST SELLER.

Contributed by Cary Greenberg, National Director of Sales and Operations for Digital Media Nation.

Digital Media Nation is a preferred partner of MedResults Network.  Their proprietary program helps businesses build a 5-star reputation to attract new clients, connects providers with their true client experience, helps them use trust to increase referrals, protects them from potential negative online reviews, and then most importantly, markets their customer experience to search results, their website, and social media channels to attract new clients. Members receive a point-of-sale discount of 25% off set-up fees and 50% off monthly subscriptions.  For more information, click here.

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Price Shopping

Consumers Believe In Price Transparency. So Should You!

While some core specialists worry about losing patients to less expensive competitors, one expert sees price transparency as a benefit.

By: Jonathan Kaplan, MD, MPH

As physicians pursuing cosmetic patients, we’ve become more marketing director than healthcare provider in some instances. It feels like we’re in a hamster wheel of marketing; spending money in an effort to get more traffic and more clicks to our website. So what do we have to show for it?

Are you having any luck following up on those “clicks?” Probably not. Why? Because a click is just that: a nameless push of a mouse button. A click has no identifiable information. Without contact information, we’ve accomplished nothing.

More on that in a bit.

I moved to San Francisco a little under three years ago. I was new in town; no one knew me and I had no discernable marketing budget. I knew if I were going to build a practice in this market, I would need more than just clicks. With six other plastic surgeons in the building, I knew I needed leads that contained contact information.

However, contact information from random consumers would not be adequate. I needed a lead that simultaneously gave me legitimate contact information from a qualified individual. So what makes someone qualified? They need to be a good candidate for the services I provide and they need to understand their out-of-pocket responsibility for their cosmetic procedure of choice.

From a philosophical standpoint, I believe the true, ultimate pain point for any patient considering a cosmetic procedure to be that of cost and cost alone. Certainly they need to be a good candidate for the services we provide but this isn’t the 20th century where every concern was treated with surgery. If surgery was the only option, then it’s true, not everyone would be a candidate due to health or some other comorbid condition.

But in the 21st century, we have so many surgical and non-surgical options that everyone is a candidate for something. Quite frankly, determining whether they’re a good candidate for a service or procedure is a moot point. If they aren’t a liposuction candidate, then they’re a candidate for non-surgical fat reduction. Or fat melting injections. If they aren’t a candidate for a neck lift, then they’re a candidate for a non-surgical energy-based lift. The pain point for these cosmetic patients is not their candidacy for a procedure, but their ability to pay. Cost is the only absolute pain point. All other pain points —time off work, preference of doctor—are relative inconveniences.

So I set out to provide a service on my website that didn’t rely on clicks but rather, the consumer’s pain point: cost. With a simple digital transaction, the consumer could check pricing on my website by submitting a “wishlist” along with their contact info. They received instant gratification in the form of an automated email with a cost estimate and I received the same email with their name, email address and phone number. Legitimate contact information and a qualified lead. Check and mate!

Still to this day, my office staff follows up with every single wishlist. If you’re committed to building a cosmetic practice, this follow-up time is well spent. By helping the consumer with the cost issue, you also help them make the decision of whether coming in for a consultation is a waste of their time as well as yours.

Sure there are other ways for consumers to check pricing, but those usually involve US averages that may or may not include OR and anesthesia fees (the annual American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s procedural statistics don’t include OR fees that may reflect up to half of the overall cost!). The pricing estimates consumers receive elsewhere aren’t accurate or complete, and the consumer knows that.

The only way to provide the consumer with accurate pricing information without tying up your office staff in tabulating one pricing request after another, is to upload all of your pricing to the cloud. That way, when the consumer submits a “wishlist” through a pricing tab on your site (see example on my site here), that pricing is automatically tabulated in the cloud and sent to the patient in an email. Again, this level of automaticity is second to none in streamlining front office processes.

By providing pricing on your website, you’re giving the consumer a level of information they cannot obtain anywhere else. They can’t find your specific pricing for specific services anywhere other than your website. And when you provide that level of personalized information, consumers reward you with their contact info.

KaplanSiteDoes Online Price Transparency Work?

After my first year in practice in this new locale without paid marketing, I reviewed my results. I received 412 wishlists from 208 consumers. Of those 208 consumers, 17.8 percent came in for a consultation. While it’s easy to focus on the 82.2 percent that did not come in for a consultation, that’s not a loss. I still received the contact information for those consumers who submitted wishlists and who also determined my fees were out of their budget. With their email address added to my database, I still had the option of reaching them with 12 “touch points” over the subsequent year with each of my monthly e-newsletters.

Of the 17.8 percent that came in for a consultation, 62 percent of those patients booked. When compared to patients that came in for a consultation that were not price-aware, the price-aware patients were 41 percent more likely to book a procedure. This shows the effectiveness of online price transparency combined with lead generation, even in the absence of paid marketing.

What happened when I committed a marketing budget to my price transparency efforts?

During my second year, I began paying for two channels of marketing: TV and print. By specifically promoting that I had pricing information on my website, consumers flocked to my site and started submitting wishlists to check pricing. They received price quotes and I received their contact info…to the tune of 4,156 wishlists from 2,134 consumers! Interestingly, the price-aware consumers that subsequently came in for a consultation booked a procedure 75 percent of the time as opposed to 62.2 percent of the time during the first year, prior to my paid marketing efforts.

One last statistically significant nugget: Because of my lead collection in my first year, I found that 2.8 percent of those that submitted a wishlist in the first year didn’t come in until the second year I was in practice. Maybe it was because of my monthly e-newsletters or paid marketing during that second year. Regardless, all 100 percent of those that submitted a wishlist in the first year and came in for a consultation in a delayed fashion, booked surgery. Now those are the committed, serious qualified leads I’m looking for!

Do It Right

Is online price transparency for you? It only works if done in the right way. That means that consumers only get pricing after submitting their contact info. A simple menu of procedures and prices on your site just won’t do. By combining lead generation with price transparency, you can build an email database of patients that are interested in your services when their budget intersects with the services you provide. After all, I built my database from 200 email addresses to over 5,000 in three years!

Original Article Published in Modern Aesthetics, HERE

To set up your free account on MedResults Network’s newest partner BuildMyBod Health, founded by Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, CLICK HERE.  After signing up, enter promo code MRN on the Subscription Plan page to take advantage of your exclusive MedResults Network 10% discount after logging into BuildMyBod Health Provider Portal.

YOU’RE INVITED!  Don’t forget to attend our upcoming webinar with Dr. Jonathan Kaplan and MedResults Network on Febnruary 2nd, 2017: “How to Separate Price Shoppers from Serious Patients and Generate Leads In the Process”

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Elevate Your Email Marketing to Get Results

7 Tips to Get Your Emails Opened and Read

Email marketing can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. By following a few simple guidelines, you can be communicating with your patients quickly and efficiently. Keep good marketing practices in mind when creating your emails. Here’s a list to help you get started:

  1. Subject lines: The best emails will never get read if a reader doesn’t open them. Subject lines should be compelling and brief. Tell your reader what they’re going to find when they open your email.
    TIP: be careful using grammar and punctuation in your subject lines. Multiple exclamation points, for example, can make your email seem untrustworthy.
  2. Specific call-to-action: Newsletters and promotional emails should include a clear call-to-action. If the goal is drive appointment requests, then make that really clear with a call-to-action such as “Request an Appointment.”
    TIP: limit the number of calls-to-action you include. The more you ask them to do, the less likely the reader is to do anything.
  3. Visual appearance: Paying attention to the layout of your email is important. Does your image load correctly? Would your call-to-action stand out better on a button? Make sure your email looks professional and like something you would read.
    TIP: use a pre-built template with images and layouts already designed for you.
  4. Email copy: Everyone is busy these days, including your patients. By writing short, concise emails, you ensure that even when someone scans your message, they’re getting the main point.
    TIP: have someone else read your message when it’s done. Ask him or her to scan it first to ensure it makes sense when read quickly. Plus, it’s always a good idea to have someone check your work.
  5. Be relevant: Send emails that are timely and appropriate for your audience. Relevant messages could include specials on services they’ve had before, appointment reminders, and articles about your providers.
    TIP: is there a story in the news that relates to your specialties? Tell your readers about it! They’d like to know they can trust you for up-to-date information.
  6. Design for mobile devices: More and more people are opening email on their smartphones and tablets and there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to read an email because it’s designed for a desktop computer.
    TIP: Use an email delivery service that creates emails to be mobile-ready; that’s one less thing for you to worry about!
  7. Save time with marketing automation: Effective email marketing is not only achievable–it’s easier than ever with the abundance of email automation tools available. Choose a tool with a variety of premade, ready-to-send emails on topics specific to your business, with the option to customize promotions or specific offers as you like.
    TIP: Work with an expert to help refine a targeted strategy to bring repeat business and fill appointments.

Combining these guidelines with your business-knowledge will help make your email marketing effective. Learn how Demandforce can help you implement these best practices and more, leaving you more time to run your practice! [Learn More]

Contributed by: Demandforce, a valued MedResults Network partner

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You Can’t Afford To Not Market Your Reputation


All business owners need to ask themselves the following question, “On a scale from 1 to 10, what rating would your customers give your company?”

If your answer is 8 – 10, then congratulations!

  • But now you have to ask yourself, “Are you proactively marketing that experience and letting other potential customers know about your reputation and attract them to your business?”

 If your answer is 7 or below:

  • You need to ask yourself, “Would you like to improve that to a 9 or 10 rating and what would then mean to your business?”

The bottom line is that your aesthetic medical practice is online everywhere whether you like it or not. Google, Yelp, RealSelf, RealPatientRatings, Healthgrades, Reddit, Yahoo, Amazon, and Social Media reviews and the list goes on and on. Add to that word-of-mouth and social media, and you’ve got a cocktail for powerful marketing—good or bad.

With this being said, nearly all businesses today are going to have an online reputation and it is in their 100% control to build and foster that reputation and then MARKET that reputation with a proactive platform vs. reactive platform.

Here are some amazing facts to consider:

  • 91% of consumers look or consider online reviews before making a purchasing decision
  • 84% of consumers today treat online reviews the same as they do personal referrals
  • 1 negative review (defined as 3 stars or less) can cost a business as many as 30 new customer opportunities

Many Reputation Management platforms address these by reacting to reviews if and when they are posted.

Reputation Marketing is different.  Reputation marketing is more than just managing reputation. It’s about establishing, guarding, and marketing that reputation to become more competitive and profitable.

It is amazing to see the amount of negative reviews as a percentage of total reviews for many businesses.  What does this really mean?  It means that there is no process in place to get all customers to write a review.  It means that given no process, customers will write a negative review before they will write a positive review.

Why do all businesses need to fix this?  Based on a Convergys study, 1 negative review can cost a company as much as 30 potential new customer opportunities. How much does your average patient spend with you per year?  Now multiply that by 30 for every review you have that is 3 stars or less?  That is the true cost of negative reviews to your aesthetic medical practice.

Digital Media Nation has a proprietary platform that helps companies maximize their online reputation and market the positive results to the 9 out of 10 consumers that are currently looking for your products and services. When combined with our Social Media Marketing and Video Marketing, the outcome is outstanding!

Schedule your demo today with Digital Media Nation.

Contributed by: Cary Greenberg, Digital Media Nation

To learn more, listen to our webinar presentation with Digital Media Nation and MedResults Network which aired on January 19th: “Reputation Marketing vs Reputation Management? Knowing the difference is key to growing your business.”

*Digital Media Nation is one of MedResults Network’s newest vendor partners providing advanced reputation marketing services to MedResults members.

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Digital Media Nation Announces Marketing Partnership to Benefit MedResults Network Members


December 23, 2016 – Peachtree Corners, GA

Atlanta-based national agency Digital Media Nation will offer its suite of digital reputation marketing products and services to members of MedResults Network starting in 2017 under a two-year agreement, the two organizations announced today.

Under the terms of their agreement, members of MedResults Network, the nation’s largest buying group for aesthetic providers, will offer Digital Media Nation’s reputation marketing programs at exclusive discounted rates to its 2,700 members throughout the United States. Founded in 2008, MedResults Network is the largest and oldest aesthetic buying group in the USA. Members have access to deep discounts and rebates on thousands of products and services including injectables, skincare, and more.

The marketing and sales plan will be multi-channel over the two-year term of the agreement.

“We are very excited to be working with MedResults Network in this strategic partnership,” said Cary Greenberg, National Director of Sales and Operations. “They are the ideal type of business we strive to partner with. We are thrilled to be able to offer this incredible value to all their members. Our platform combines reputation management and brand marketing to provide our Reputation Marketing product that allows our clients to be loud and proud about the client experience they provide. Companies must market their online reputation and client experience and we help them do just that.”

Jeff Routledge, MedResults Network’s president and CEO said:

“It is well documented that over 90% of aesthetic patients read online reviews and ratings when considering an aesthetic treatment, we continually get calls from our members about how to handle patient reviews and ratings. By far, Digital Media Nation offers the best online rating/reviews marketing system that allows practices and medical spas to market their patient ratings and reviews to a much wider digital audience. We really see it as a necessity and invaluable asset to the practice or medical spa in this ever changing online reviews and ratings environment. Our members can no longer ignore the fact that online ratings and reviews, if properly marketed, can significantly increase the patient experience and traffic. Many of our members work with rating and review sites. Now our members will be able to market those ratings and reviews to their patients and prospective patients while taking advantage of their marketing programs at incredible savings to help them grow their business and improve their client experience.”

Digital Media Nation is a full service marketing agency in Atlanta suburb Peachtree Corners, specializing in Reputation, Social Media, and Video Marketing. Their flagship product combines reputation management with brand marketing to create reputation marketing. The result is a proprietary program to help businesses build a 5-star reputation to attract new clients; connect them with their true client experience; help the spas build trust to increase referrals; protect them from potential negative online reviews; and most importantly, market their customer experience to search results, their website, and social media channels to attract new clients.

MedResults Network is an organization based on saving its members time and money. Based on the buying power of their 2,700-plus members, MedResults Network negotiates with more than 50 national vendors to offer discounts and rebates on the products and services members use daily. With more than 20 years of combined experience in the aesthetic industry, the MedResults Network team helps its members achieve their aesthetic business goals through a range of cost-saving benefits. Team MRN works diligently to connect its members with honest and reliable vendor partners and continues to provide personal assistance to its members to ensure their growth and success.


 Original Press Release at:

Media Contacts:

Digital Media Nation                                                                                         MedResults Network
Cary Greenberg                                                                                                 Jamie Parrott

National Director of Sales and Operations                                                   Chief Operating Officer
404-386-2500                                                                                                     562-296-5655                                                                                                                 

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3 New Ways to Use Gift Cards in Your Practice

Gift cards have a lot of power – they’ve proven to help businesses increase average spend and attract new customers.  Gift cards are a mainstay in Retail environments – but today even service driven businesses like Med Spas, plastic surgeons and physicians are utilizing gift cards in creative ways to help them advertise new products, increase profit margins and revenues.

The first thing you will need to do is determine exactly what consumer behavior you are looking to drive.  Do you need to draw clients to a specific product line?  Do you want to encourage existing clients to purchase additional services?  Once you understand what the goal is, you can design a gift card promotion geared toward achieving your objectives.   

Here are some common business objectives and sample gift card promotions:

1. Advertise New Product Line:

Let’s say you would like clients to know that your practice has just added Restylane™ Silk to your line of injectables.  Gift cards act as miniature bill boards that can help you market a new line of products.  Try purchasing a set of custom gift cards pre-loaded with funds that clients can redeem toward a specific product.

Sample Marketing Tactic: Display a sign outside the office and another at the receptionist counter that says:

Restylane™ Silk is now available!  Try Restylane™ Silk in the month of January and receive $50 toward your treatment!

Sample Gift Card Design:


Best Practices: To get the most out of this promotion, ensure the value of the gift card is enough to gain interest.  If the average treatment will cost $800, gift cards with a $10 value will most likely not achieve a high redemption rate.  Also, make sure the offer is available for a limited time only and think about any other restrictions you’d like to document on the back of the card – but remember – too many restrictions can affect redemption negatively. 

You can also use this program to provide incentives for clients to switch their brand of injectable for another that has a higher profit margin!

2. Encourage Repeat Visits

It is far less expensive for a practice to generate revenue from their existing clientele, then to acquire new clientele.  You may have a list of patients that come in quarterly for their Botox™ injections.  But Botox is Botox, how do you ensure your clients don’t leave you for another practice?  Try rewarding them with a gift card after a predetermined number of visits. 

Sample Marketing Tactic:  Pull a list of clients that have had repeat visits for the same treatment.  Send an email or letter explaining that your practice offers a VIP program and after the 5th consecutive treatment, patients receive a $50 gift card redeemable toward their next treatment.  This promotion creates loyalty and drives repeat visits. 

Sample Gift Card Design:



Best Practice:  Custom cards can be costly depending on the design.  Did you know that many gift cards can also serve as loyalty cards?  This means that if you should choose to run a full-fledged loyalty program, you do not have to purchase additional cards.  When choosing a gift card provider, ask if they also provide loyalty programs and if the cards are “combo” cards.  In some cases, you can start out with a gift card program and add on a loyalty program when you are ready!

3. Add New Services

Gift card incentives are a great way to encourage clientele to try a new service.  If your clients are already satisfied with how a product works on their face, why not foster the same results on another part of the body?  Gift cards can make the decision to try something new a little easier.   

Sample Marketing Tactic:  Perhaps after a treatment, a client expresses how much better they feel or how much younger they look.  A physician or receptionist may reply by saying, “did you know that injectables can also be used to reduce the look of cellulite?  In the month of March, patients who try Radiesse™ injections to treat cellulite receive $75 off their first treatment!”  Receptionists can reinforce the program by providing clients with a flyer, postcard or brochure advertising the product and program.

Sample Gift Card Design:


Best Practices:  The last impression you make with a client is paramount – will your client leave merely satisfied – or – surprised and delighted?  If your patients leave your practice happy, they will most likely return and recommend your practice to others. 

Knowledge is powerful.  In any promotional endeavor, make sure your staff is properly trained.  Appropriate training will allow for good communication with your clients and education of your staff. 

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Explain who your staff should target for the promotion (example: clients who are currently trying a different filler)
  • Provide sample scripts so staff knows what to say and how to say it. Have them role pay different customer scenarios. 
  • Reward your staff for their help in making the campaign a success (example: sponsor a lunch at the end of the promotion, reward the employee that brings in the most clients)

Always close the circle by ensuring their gift card redemption process is just as smooth as the issuance.  If there are restrictions, patients should understand them when the card is issued and not be surprised by them when they come in to redeem.  Thank the client for participating and make sure they are aware of future promotional opportunities.  Your clients not only want to look better, they want to feel better too.  So when launching your first gift card campaign, remember that a core function of your business is to make sure your patients know you value their business and appreciate their loyalty – and that is what truly drives success!     

Contributed By: Melanie Gonzalez, EPSG

For more information about EVO Payments for merchant processing, visit

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